Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To better serve you!!

Over the last several months, The Rice Group has received a major face-lift! In order to make the process of asking questions, getting answers and finding information quicker we have made our websites not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more functional for you! We are so excited to move even further forward to provide you with more services and more information to cover all of your real estate needs!

So, what's available to you now through our new website you ask?
Well, we have created a new careers tab which allows you to see who we are, what we're about and gives you the opportunity to contact us to potentially pursue a partnership with The Rice Group! 
We are also proud to announce that you will now have access to a plethora of extremely useful resources that you can use for curiosity purposes or if you're planning on either selling or buying a home. Both of which are available on along with other awesome changes.

1.)  The "Current Home Value" option will allow you to see what YOUR home or the one                      question is currently worth.
2.)  You will also find a "Home Trends" tab that gives you updated information on the home trends        in your area or the area you want to research.
3.)  You can also "Name Your Selling Price" which allows you to set the selling price of your                  home.You will then be contacted by interested buyers for the specific price you set.
4.)   "7 Seller Tips" gives you access to information that can help you sell your house not only faster        by for more money!

Coming soon is what is different about our new TucsonPM website and all others that are here to help you realize your potential and dreams in real estate, property management and beyond!!

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