Thursday, May 7, 2015

Having Mother's Day Freak Out?

Hello Everyone and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

So, this week with Mother's Day coming up I thought we could talk about some ideas that I have been contemplating recently. I happen to be someone that tends to lose track of time with how busy I am and all my days tend to blend together. I rely heavily on my Google calendar to keep my holidays straight. Unfortunately, with finals and things picking up at the job(s) I forgot three times that Mother's Day was this weekend. Yeah... so after the oh crap moment I tried to set up brunch to no avail. Apparently everyone else has been on top of this whole thing and has every restaurant and brunch/breakfast completely booked. Congratulations to those of you who did so and I hope it's as awesome as it sounds. So what now?

My mom is someone who tends to stress about money, loves to spend time with us "kids" and loves stuff that we make her. That's right, she not much different than any other mom out there. After my search for the perfect brunch was a bust I started to look for other things that would make her just as happy without a hefty price tag. Here are just a couple things that I have found that I think most moms out there would love!

Breakfast in bed: 
Who doesn't love breakfast in bed am I right? Well, thanks to my new obsession with Pinterest I found this awesome idea that every mom would love. It takes a little bit of time and a little cash BUT compared to that diamond necklace we all know you were planning on getting her, this is chump change. So, if you're worried about time and live at home, here is a great idea!

Cool Artwork:
My mom is a sucker for family photos and whatever else my brothers and I conjure up. Again, thanks to Pinterest I have always seen people make cool sayings boards that look amazing and expensive but in reality it really isn't that pricey. You can create anything you want! Here is a little video that will help you do it.

Spend Some Time Together:
In Tucson there are quite a few lakes and parks that my family and I like to go to to just hang out, fish, and BBQ. My mom loves it especially when we bring the dogs and her favorite hamburgers. Keep in mind, SHE CANNOT PARTAKE IN ANY FOOD PREP! This is her day to relax and get catered to. If you have it in your budget to pick up food on the way and don't like to cook, that could be a good option for you. I'll stick a quick video on here for cute sandwhich ideas for mom if you feel like getting creative there. You can do this or just simply use a cookie cutter with all of the  ingredients in the sandwich you want! Easy as pie!

Here are 3 fillings for tea party tea sandwiches. Make them all to give your guests variety, and cut them into cute shapes for presentation.

Hopefully this will get you started! I was also thinking of doing my moms nails or giving her a facial made with stuff you can buy at the store. Why spend all that money on a bunch of freaky chemicals anyway? These suggestions smell and probably even taste good! 

Homemade Face Mask Recipes

The biggest thing to remember is that your mom or wife deserves to sleep in, not chase the kids around, and be catered to. Think about the crap she went through the nine months of back-aches, swollen ankles, throwing up, strange cravings, weight gain and the kicking we all did. Then when she actually gave birth to us...OUCH! Be good to her she deserves it and will love you for it! I hope this helps and good luck!!

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